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Business Spotlight: Melton Candle Company

By Amanda Manning

What is the business called?

“This business name is Melton Candle Company, a division of  the Melton Candle Company, LLC.

What is your name and position?

“My name is Laura Mathis and I am the owner and artisan behind all of the Melton Candle Company products.”

When did your business become established?

“I started this business out of my home in July of 2017.”

What type of business is this?

“I create 100% natural soy wax candles that are hand stirred and hand poured by me. I started this business because I had an allergy to paraffin wax candles. My candles are only made with 100% natural soy wax, no additives, such as UV protectants or blends, therefore they are less likely to trigger allergies.”

Is Brooks County the only area you serve? Where else?

“I serve all over the United States but also have a studio in Adel, Georgia where I make all of the candles that I ship. The Melton Candle Company services retail locations as well as walk-ins and online customers through our website.”

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs who want to start in Brooks County?

“My advice to new entrepreneurs is to just keep going, even when you hit a wall, find the solution to get over the wall. Know your products and promote your products through advertising, word of mouth and good business practices. Believe in what you are doing and keep things fresh and interesting.”

What do you think are some of the biggest ups to owning this type of business?

“The biggest ups to owning your own business is watching it grow. Knowing that you started something from nothing and your products are becoming a household name.”

What do you think are some of the largest downs to owning this type of business?

“I try hard not to look at the downs in my business and instead have made them lessons and grow from them.”

Are you located in other parts of Brooks County?

“I am located at 109 South Hutchinson Ave Adel, GA 31620, but ship to parts of Brooks County.”

Do you have branches elsewhere?

“Our products are located in various businesses across the U.S. The closest to Brooks County is Lee & Pickles Pharmacy.”

Do you have a website? What is the link?

“Yes, the website is or you can like us on Facebook Melton Candle Company.

Are you planning on expanding your business to other parts?

“I am excited for the growth of Melton Candle Company and I can’t wait to see where this business goes. For me, the sky is the limit.”

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