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Business Spotlight: Spray Sports Network

By Amanda Manning

What is the business called?

“We are Spray Sports Network.”

What is your name and position?

“My name is Teva Spray and I am the Business Manager. There are two more who work here and they are Michael Spray, the camera man and Nick Hampton the commentator.”

What type of business is this?

“This is a non-profit business that is an outreach to the community.”

When was this business established?

“It was established in 2014.”

What does your business offer to your customers?

“We offer free on-line service streaming of the Trojan football games while raising awareness of local businesses supporting the kids of Brooks County and handle various fundraising projects that are school related, while passing on the work of God’s love and invite others to do the same.”

Do you offer on-line service/sales?

“Yes, we are strictly an on-line streaming company that allows viewers to watch Trojan Football games when they are unable to be there for free.”

What is your best seller?

“Nick Hampton’s commentary’s are the best sell for our streaming because he is knowledgeable and fun to listen too.”

What are your business hours?

“We do not have a set business hours since we are an online non-profit.”

What do you believe sets your business apart from your competitors?

“We strive to bring the community closer together and show others not in the community how great our county is and how we are a Trojan Nation.

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs wanting to start a similar business?

“Just have a passion and unwavering loyalty to your community and you’ll find a way to serve.”

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