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Business Spotlight: Burger King

By Amanda Manning

What is the business called?

“We are Burger King.”

What is your name and your position?

“My name is Stu Kiser and I am the restaurant General Manager.”

When did you become established?

“In 1998.”

What type of business is this?

“This business is a fast food restaurant.”

Is Brooks County the only area your serve? Where else?

“No, we serve in Live Oak, Lake City, Perry, Monticello, Jasper, Greensboro and Madison in Florida.”

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs who want to start in Brooks County?

“Focus on employees with good customer service skills.”

What do you think are some of the biggest ups to owning this type of business?

“Serving the people of Brooks County and Quitman.”

What do you think are some of the largest downs to owning this type of business?

“It is all consuming. A restaurant requires a lot of work!”

Are you located in other parts of Brooks County?

“No, we are just in Quitman off Hwy 84.”

Do you have a website? What is the link?

“No, we do not.”

Are you planning on expanding your business to other parts of Brooks County or other areas?

“Yes, we hope to get started in St. Augustine and Panama City Beach.”

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