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The Ark Singers Visit Our Area

Traveling, singing and ministering to the Slavic people – this is the mission of the Ark Singers. This singing group is originally from Donetsk, Ukraine. After Donetsk was invaded by the Russians many have left the city. Some of the group still lives there, while others live in regions of Ukraine outside of the city. Although Donetsk is under communism the men’s ministries continue.

The Ark Singers do evangelistic work in the Slavic region. One major area of concern for them is the young people in their country. They feel the only way to change their country’s situation is to change the upcoming generation. A group of workers minister to orphans and needy families who are raising young children. SMO coordinates the Child Sponsorship Program. The physical needs of the children are met by the men, their wives, and others. Additionally, the children and their families are introduced to Jesus.

During the summers the men hold Christian camps for the children. This is done at Camp Hope. Camp Hope was purchased to hold camps and evangelical meetings. It is located outside of Donetsk, so it is in a safe area. It has proven to be a safe haven during the recent invasion of Donetsk for many Ukrainians.

The men also travel to other countries such as Germany, Switzerland and other areas in the Slavic region to sing and spread the gospel.

The group visits the United States annually to raise support to carry out their work in the Slavic region.  Slavic Missionary Outreach (SMO) is the organization in the United States that supports them and their work.  SMO is comprised of volunteers who work with the Ark Singers to accomplish their projects in the Ukraine. The Ark Singers now receive support from 23 states in the United States.

The men will be in the South Georgia, North Florida area from February 7th to February 23rd. Following this they will travel up the east coast including Tennessee, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. They will leave for home on March 17th. We invite you to come and hear about their work and enjoy the gospel presented through their music.  For more information please visit their website at or contact SMO at 255 Beulah Church Road, Quitman, GA 31643.

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