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Business Spotlight: Sister’s Place

By Amanda Manning

What is the business called?

“We are Sister’s Place.”

What is your name and position?

“My name is Elizabeth Shine/Co-owner.”

When did the business become established?

“It became established in 2006.”

What type of business is this?

“This is a restaurant.”

Is Brooks County the only area you serve? Where else?

“Yes, we are a small business that serves Brooks County residents and those who visit or pass through.”

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs who want to start in Brooks County?

“I would say to be open new opportunities that come your way.”

What do you think are some of the biggest ups to owning this type of business?

“Being able to meet new people and making new friends.”

What do you think are some of the largest downs to owning this type of business?

“There is a lot of time and effort that goes into making the preparation and serving of food as fresh as we do. It can be a bit time consuming sometimes.”

Are you located in other parts of Brooks County?

“No, we are right in the heart of Quitman on South Court St. Easy place to find.”

Do you have branches elsewhere?

“No, as we mentioned before it is very time consuming to make sure everything is done right and we feel that is enough for us right now.”

Are you planning on expanding your business to other parts of Brooks County? Other areas?

“Not at this time.”

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